About MiniMe Boxing

Be the Star of the Game

MiniMe Boxing puts you as the star of the game. Find out who is the greatest boxer between you and your friends! Add your own photo and customise your Boxer. Fight your friends and opponents from across the World on your journey to become the boxing champion of the World. Mastering fast jabs, punishing uppercuts, blocks, dodges and deadly Ultimate Punches will all be necessary as you take on your friends and challengers. MiniMe Boxing is addictive, fun and challenging.

Train your boxer in the gym to improve your vital statistics and gain an edge on your opponents. Coach challenges will help you rise through the levels. Win fights and prizes to help you unlock new accessories, new moves and stadiums.

Jab left, Jab right, Feint, Parry and Uppercut your way to success
Build up your Ultimate Punch to knockout your opponents

Upload your photo and also create your own Boxer Avatar
Add your own costumes and choose your equipment
Being the World Champion takes more than just skill and dedication, make sure you look like a champion with the right hairstyle and accessories

Train your character in the gym to build up your vital statistics.
Choose whether to spend your time building up powerful punches or be strategic to build up your stamina


  • You are the star of the game. Upload your photos and become the greatest boxer in the World
  • Rise through the leagues. Score the most K.O.s to win prizes and trophies
  • Customise your boxer with a large number of accessories (gloves, costumes, shoes, head gear and fun items) to unlock, each giving new strength, power, stamina and charisma bonuses
  • Upgrade your accessories to gain an edge on your rivals
  • Train your boxer in the gym to upgrade your vital statistics
  • Beat your friends and family

Available on iOS and Android very soon.

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