Be in the Game

Be the Star of the Game

Mini Me Boxing puts you and your friends directly into the game. Using the camera in your phone you can take 3 photos of different gestures; normal, happy and angry. Then as you play your boxer will change their expression depending on the action in game.

Your Mini Me will be seen throughout the game. In the gameplay either winning or losing, in the gym during training and even when you want to share photos of your latest victories against your friends.

If you don’t want to share your photo then don’t worry. You can also create a custom Avatar as well to use instead of your photos.

Choose your eyes, nose, mouth and accessories for your Avatar. As well as your facial features you can customise your hairstyle, with 12 unique hairstyle available you will find a style to match your boxing skills.

You can also wear your country colours with 18 different country flags to choose as your fighting jersey. If country flag are not your thing then you can also choose from 8 different jerseys in a range of colours and styles.

We also make it easy for you to decide what everyone sees, so you can fight against your friends using your photos but take on players around the World using your avatar. You decide.


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