Boxing Training

No Train, No Pain, No Gain

Out of the ring is where you will need to spend time to improve your attributes through training.

You will need to balance where you spend your training time. Do you train up your punches so that you can cause extra damage to your opponents, or maybe you prefer to be a tactical fighter, training up you health and stamina so that you can wear your opponents down, then finishing them off at the end of the round.

There are five different attributes to train and improve:

Left Punch: Increases the damage that your left punchesĀ  (jabs and hooks) do to opponents
Right Punch: Increases the damage that your right punches (jabs and hooks) do to your opponents
Power: Improves your Ultimate Punch, causing more damage
Stamina: Increased stamina means that you can last longer and throw more punches without tiring so easily
Health: You will get hit in the ring. Increasing your health means that you can take even the strongest punches and keep on fighting

As you rise through the ranks you will need to keep balancing your attributes. So don’t spend all of your time on Punches and Power, make sure that you can keep fighting as the opponents become tougher and will take longer to knock-out.