Cruiser Wei: Why Should I Give Up Being A Champion?

We've finally had a chance to (briefly) ask Wei himself about the hottest current topic in MiniMeBoxing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock 1,000 miles away from the MiniMeBoxing world, you’re probably aware of the controversy surrounding Chinese fighter Cruiser Wei. The giant and undeniably talented boxer is the current Amateur MiniMeBoxing Champion and is quite literally knocking out everyone else on the amateur circuit with ease.

Supporters, past greats and pro athletes have all called for Wei to hand in his title and step up to the professional roster as others have done before him, but Cruiser insists he will not simply ‘give up’ his champion status. We managed to grab a rare, short face-to-face meeting with the controversial Shanghai competitor and learn his views on the situation that everyone has an opinion on.

Q: Cruiser, thank you ever so much for giving us a second of your time. We understand you would like to have a say on the current… discussion shall we say about your position on the amateur circuit of MiniMeBoxing?

A: Yes, it is unfair.

Q: Okay. So you feel like you’re place on the amateur circuit is correct?

A: This is not about circuits or rosters or whatever it is you call them. I am a champion, if I am to stop being champion then someone must beat me.

Q: Yes that’s certainly how the championships work. But without wishing to bring up defeats, what would your position have been had you beaten Lloyd Weathermay for the World MiniMeBoxing Championship at either of your two attempts?

A: Then I would throw away my amateur title as I would be world champion. As long as I am a champion I am uninterested in who it is I am fighting. My success in this sport is because of my desire to always be a winner.

Q: So to clarify, you’re point of view is that you will remain amateur champion until someone beats you, or until you win a professional championship?

A: Of course.

Whilst that somewhat spiky exchange has only told us what we already knew about Wei’s blunt and simplistic personality, the interview does serve as confirmation that Cruiser has no intention of joining the professional circuit and ‘fighting people his own size’ unless he is world champion. Past greats such as Vladimir Blitzco and Victor van Veteran are just two examples of athletes that have previously resigned from their positions as Amateur MiniMeBoxing Champions in order to join the pro circuit, but while a norm, this is by no means a compulsory measure just because an amateur fighter has become a very good fighter.

The MiniMeBoxing rules state that you must be on the professional circuit to fight for the MMB Pro Championship for example, and that the World MiniMeBoxing Champion cannot also be the Amateur MiniMeBoxing Champion, but legally speaking Wei therefore does not have to join the professional circuit if he doesn’t want to unless he is world champion.

The World MiniMeBoxing Championship is named as it is because anyone who is registered with MiniMeBoxing is technically eligible for a title match with the holder. Despite this, Cruiser Wei can already consider himself lucky to have been given two chances as an amateur – though this does indicate just how good he is. The vast majority of world title fights take place between Weathermay and a fellow professional as you would expect, meaning Wei remains down the pecking order for another shot all whilst he stays on the amateur roster.

In the meantime, Big Cruiser is expected to continue swatting his fellow amateurs aside.