Flash Successfully Talks Her Way Onto The Amateur Circuit

Hinata Chinhitter has taken up the gauntlet the South Korean threw down for her.

The big news in MiniMeBoxing this week comes from the Amateur circuit as a new athlete has joined the roster. South Korean boxer ‘Flash‘ will be jumping straight in at the deep end of our sport as the young and ambitious competitor will take on Hinata Chinhitter – an opponent with similarly determined personality traits and the current holder of the MMB Rising Star Championship.

Flash has been making a name for herself on a continental level in Asia, having picked up numerous wins in boxing competitions held in Japan, China and Malaysia. However, as we all know the step up to a global roster is a large one. Plying her trade in a region that is currently raving about the potential of Hinata Chinhitter ever since she became MMB Rising Star Champion, Flash appears to be evnious of the fame the Japanese champion is experiencing and unleashed a stunning verbal attack on Chinhitter after a recent bout in Seoul.

“I’ve picked up yet another win here today and still people are only talking about Chinhitter. Why? Because of some fortunate wins she has picked up in MiniMeBoxing to find herself with some gold around her waist?”

Flash went on to claim that Chinhitter does not have as much potential as many make out, insisting the Japanese boxer does not have what it takes to turn professional.

“Honestly? I think the current hype you guys [the media] are giving her is wrong. It means she will feel far more disappointed when she inevitably finds herself short of the required standard to become professional. It makes me laugh when people debate whether or not she can reach the level of true Asian greats like Pacman and Wei.”

Predictably, these comments didn’t go unnoticed by Chinhitter herself. The Rising Star Champion is known for taking on any challenge thrown at her and has offered Flash the chance to back her comments up in the ring, which is probably what Flash was angling for the entire time. The South Korean has officially joined MiniMeBoxing as a result, as you may have noticed by her name and profile being added to the rankings on this website.

A date has been set and a bout is now officially on the cards between these two. Flash has fought just once as a MiniMeBoxer so far and of course beat Toothless Tommy meaning she now has a relatively unheard of opportunity to win some MiniMeBoxing gold in just her second competitive fight.

Chinhitter is the hot favourite for this one though, especially with her extra motivation to send Flash a resounding message to keep her mouth shut. A comprehensive victory for Hinata would only boost the fame she is already enjoying across Asia. It would also be interesting to see just how long Flash lasts on the circuit if she is found to be well short of the required standard. It’s fair to say Chinhitter is confident she won’t be around long.

“I’m aware people think I may have been wrong to allow Flash an opportunity to fight me after her comments, but I would argue she deserves to be proven wrong on a big stage. After I beat her, I imagine she will be left in a worse position then she was while not a part of MiniMeBoxing at all.” – Hinata Chinhitter