MiniMe Throwback: ‘The Great Shanghai Showdown’

We reminisce about one of MiniMeBoxing's greatest ever bouts.

It took place over a year ago now, but still sits clear as day in the memory of most MiniMeBoxing fans. Manfred Pacman, of the Philippines, took the MMB Pro Championship he had just gained from Julius Chevez to the Far East and intimidating setting that Cruiser Wei calls home. Wei was also a fresh champion himself having just obtained the most sought-after gold on the amateur circuit, and this was his chance to topple a professional champion and elevate himself to the pro circuit as a top dog before ever even needing to retain his amateur title.

The obvious ability both fighters possess coupled with the fact that they were both fresh champions led to this bout being dubbed ‘The Great Shanghai Showdown’ during it’s promotion, and it certainly lived up to it’s movie-like label. Of course, any home fight for Big Cruiser has a fair amount of glamour about it. The Chinese fighter stages his bouts in a luxury building surrounded by big-stake casinos and loves to ensure there is a lot of money riding on the result of his performance too in addition to the MiniMeBoxing belts that are usually up for grabs.

In the end, it was arguably that showmanship and lack of big-match experience that was Wei’s downfall in this match though. As we all know, Pacman emerged victorious from the Shanghai Showdown after surviving early scares to give Cruiser a lesson in how MiniMeBoxing greats go about their business. The fight therefore epitomised the strengths that are still associated with each fighter today – Wei being a dominant powerhouse who looks to finish bouts in the early rounds and Pacman being a skilled all-round competitor capable of beating any kind of opponent.

That isn’t to say that this was a bout Pacman found easy. Wei kicked off proceedings with pace and power and had the Filipino on the ropes (literally) in round two. The Shanghai crowd roared their compatriot on creating a toxic and intimidating environment for Manfred, and had this fight come a year later Wei would perhaps have had the greater know-how to finish the MMB Pro Champion off and soar up the MiniMeBoxing rankings.

Instead, Pacman weather the storm until round six where he took advantage of a slightly tiring Wei and leapt onto the front foot. The sheer number of jabs Manfred landed in the second half of the bout was frightening and ensured he won comfortably on points. Pacman’s stamina was drastically better than that of Wei’s and the strong power the Filipino can pack himself particularly when punching with his right arm resulted in Cruiser’s health and stamina deteriorating even more quickly than usual.

With Wei sitting bruised in the corner of his own ring, and a giant amount of cash to take home from Shanghai as well as his MMB Pro Championship, this must remain one of Pacman’s favourite and most satisfying nights as a MiniMeBoxing competitor. Of course, Manfred has enjoyed many other massive title bouts during his time as World MiniMeBoxing Champion as well as MMB Pro Champion, but the hall of famer will be very aware of how difficult Wei is to beat; not least in Shanghai.

The fact that both competitors remain in possession of their given titles to this day indicates their unquestionable talent and elite boxing attitude. And who knows? Maybe we’ll see round two of ‘The Great Shanghai Showdown’ or a Manila equivalent in the future..