MiniMeBoxing Venues

As you grow in terms of ability as a MiniMeBoxing athlete, the number of people keen to watch you in action also increases. As such, venues with an increased capacity and superior facilities become available as you continue your journey within the sport. Here, we take a look at the settings you may find yourself fighting in should your career prove to be a success.


Whilst the professionals at MiniMeBoxing are living proof of the wealthy lifestyle you can enjoy through a career in boxing, they all started at the bottom in far less glamorous settings.

The local gym is the place to start for any aspiring World MiniMeBoxing Champion, and it is only once you prove your worth in the dark and dingy setting that you stand a chance of fighting on a bigger stage. There’s pros and cons with every boxing venue and here they all relate to the lack of a crowd. Sadly, no one will see the devastating KO you deliver to an opponent, but fortunately, there’ll also be no witnesses if you suffer the unthinkable and get defeated by Toothless Tommy.

All MiniMeBoxing players begin their career at ‘The Local Gym’. Punch your way to victories and perhaps even some championships to progress and unlock slightly more picturesque venues.



A big step up from the gym in that basement round the corner from where you live, once you’re fighting at the MiniMeBoxing Amateur Arena, there’s clearly a chance that you have what it takes. Be ready to step up your game and win every bout as there’s nothing worse than losing in front of a live audience.

The fact that people are now paying to watch you (or perhaps your opponent) in action means performance levels must increase. Better venues mean a higher standard of boxing. Championships as big as the Amateur MiniMeBoxing title can be fought for within these ropes, meaning the Amateur Arena is the setting in which you can stake your claim for a place on the professional circuit.

The Amateur Arena is a venue that is available to intermediate MiniMeBoxing players. Dominate your opponents at this setting to qualify for the professional circuit and unlock a venue that is suitable for your pro status.



As the sell-out crowd and big stadium lights that shine down on you in the ring suggest, when fighting at the Super Stadium you are among the MiniMeBoxing elite. At this point, you’re making big money as well as history, and you’re finally in a position to stand a chance of attracting the likes of Lloyd Weathermay to a bout.

This is the greatest venue available in MiniMeBoxing. Though you may see Cruiser Wei and Greg McMartial delivering KO punches in their custom city arenas, there’s no other stadium that tops the capacity and facilities at this arena.

If you’re fighting at the Super Stadium, you’ll no doubt be a strong competitor who has already had some gold around your waist. Your mission now? Battle your way to possession of one or both of the two most sought-after championship belts in the sport.



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