MMB Rising Star Champion: Hinata Chinhitter

The Rising Star Championship is the belt most commonly pursued by those new to the amateur MiniMeBoxing circuit. When first arriving in the sport, it is important those who have the ability and the talent to reach the top stand out from the crowd. Becoming the Rising Star Champion is the best way to do so, and is a natural stepping stone on the way to becoming Amateur MiniMeBoxing Champion and eventually professional.

Current Rising Star Champion Hinata Chinhitter is a prime example of the above description. The Japanese athlete is a level above much of the other amateurs on the circuit, and her belt not only proves this but fast tracks her chances of a shot at Cruiser Wei’s more advanced title.

Though not a stand-out belt among the higher valued, more prestigious gold, the greatest names in MiniMeBoxing history such as Mo Butterbee, Vladimir Blitzco and Vitor van Veteran are all past Rising Star Champions. It would be unwise not to follow in the footsteps of such legends if you are serious about becoming the biggest name in MiniMeBoxing.

Full list of previous MMB Rising Star Champions: