Weathermay Expects To Be Champion Until He Retires

The World MiniMeBoxing Champion says he will always remain undefeated.

World MiniMeBoxing Champion and confident American Lloyd Weathermay has told us that he expects to remain unbeaten for the entirety of his career in the sport and will only lose his championship belt once he decides to retire. Weathermay has won each and every one of his 43 competitive bouts in this industry, 23 of which have been fights to retain his world title after beating Manfred Pacman in New York City for the gold some time ago. He has therefore become used to being the ‘hunted’ rather than the ‘hunter’ each time he steps in the ring, and Lloyd now says he expects and wants to remain the man every single MiniMeBoxing competitor is desperate to fight for the remainder of his career.

“I’ve been the undisputed King of this sport for over two years now, can you really see that changing? From my perspective, the longer the line of people queuing up to challenge me for this title, the more impressive my win record will become. I genuinely believe that there will only be a new World MiniMeBoxing Champion when I’ve decided to put my feet up and watch somebody else try and match my dominance.”

If proven right, then Weathermay’s win record really will be impressive judging by the amount of competitors that are keen to try and wipe the ever-present grin from Lloyd’s clean shaven and rarely hit face. The world champion is a true master of defence and his patient fighting style only adds to the frustration those he has defeated feel. Ken Kolovkin, Layla Butterbee, and Greg McMartial have all been touted as fighters with the potential to challenge Weathermay, while fresh opportunities for Cruiser Wei and Manfred Pacman are both fights the public are known to want to see.

In the case of China’s Wei, having already beaten ‘Big Cruiser’ twice Weathermay would usually declare that his opponent is unworthy of a third opportunity, however the American is known for his love of the big stage, money and fame meaning a title bout in Shanghai perhaps shouldn’t be ruled out.

“Cruiser? He really wants to disappoint himself again on the biggest stage of them all huh? That’s up to him.”

It’s the possibility of a ‘super fight’ between Weathermay and Pacman that is truly exciting the MiniMeBoxing world at present though, as Pacman never got round to his re-match for the world title after winning the MMB Pro Championship instead soon after his defeat to Lloyd. The clash that would see both of MiniMeBoxing’s top titles on the line would make history in the sport, and while Weathermay didn’t rule out the potential bout, he has remained tight-lipped on whether it will happen.

“Of course this sport is all about giving the people what they want to see. But there’s a lot of people in line. Is it possible to schedule that in among all the other fights we have lined up? I don’t know.”

Whilst Weathermay is adamant of his focus being on retaining his world championship until he exits the sport, it is likely he would fancy taking Pacman’s championship in order to go down in history as another boxer to have held both prizes just as the Filipino has. Lloyd has just signed a new mega-money deal with SRR boxing and is currently the number one ranked MiniMeBoxing athlete, but since many of those in the sport’s hall of fame have won both titles or ‘everything there is to win’ as it’s often labelled, it is fair to assume that Weathermay wouldn’t like to be seen as second best to anyone in any regard.

Finishing his career undefeated as he expects to, but also with two championship belts draped over his shoulder rather than just one, would arguably have Lloyd Weathermay go down in history as the greatest of all time. The risk? Losing to Pacman would see his plans to retire a champion ruined, and that great stature he is aiming for handed on a silver platter to his Filipino rival.