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WinPro Outfit Reviewed

Latest Boxing Outfit a Winner

BoxStar have been providing Boxers with tournament level pro equipment for over 50 years. Since their formation in 1960 their gloves have been worn by some of the greatest champions in the World.

Their latest series are aimed at providing rookies with a level of quality to start their pro careers with and at a price that all new Boxers can afford. And whilst they may not be used by the top champions anymore we believe that they provide the perfect balance between price and quality.

Like all BoxStar equipment the outfit looks basic and a bit retro which may not appeal to all boxers. Available in a range of colours, we tested them in their basic level 1 versions in Blue and Black and our testers were happy with the comfort and felt that the quality materials would last many fights.

In particular the outfit performed well in the Strength tests. Adding extra impact to Hooks, Jabs and Uppercuts. However, they provided no benefit to Power Punches, Health or Stamina.

In summary we believe that the BoxStar outfit provides a great entry level set of equipment but most boxers will be looking to upgrade as the reach later divisions as they will need the extra benefits of more advanced equipment.

BoxStar: Outfit
BoxStar: Outfit
The Good
  • Great value for money
  • Adds Strength to Jabs and Hooks
  • Upgradable for extra Strength
  • Available in a range of colours
The Bad
  • Not enough Power for later divisions
  • Retro design may not appeal to all
  • Power Punch
  • Health
  • Stamina
  • Strength